My Approach


Teaching style

I am an enthusiastic music and instrumental teacher, teaching professionally since 2002. I aim to develop a love of music in my students through a relaxed and fun teaching style, as this helps motivate practice and progress.

One Head Teacher has said
“the girls are loving learning the flute and want to perform in assembly,” and another parent said “I never have to tell her to practise, she is really enjoying it.”


Learning about music and to play an instrument has many benefits for students and schools alike, helping develop the areas of the brain used for language and reasoning, along with promoting mathematical skills, co-ordination and self-discipline.


Learning to play an instrument provides children and young people with a means of self-expression and helps develop self confidence. I encourage, and where possible, assist my students to perform at every opportunity, to their class, during a school assembly, to family or at concerts.


To date all my students have passed their exams, often with merit or distinction. I use both the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity College, London exam syllabuses as a guide to assessing my students standard and progress.